We’re aiming to ensure Scotland’s third sector is recognised as a world leader in using new technology and digital to improve lives and communities

There are some great examples of third sector organisations in Scotland pioneering the use of digital technology, whether through:

  • Delivering services online – through innovative digital platforms
  • Using social media to inform and engage people
  • Using free and low cost tools to reduce costs and improve business processes
  • Building websites and apps to address specific user needs
  • Online fundraising
  • Using data to inform planning and service delivery as well as understand impact

We want to showcase the innovative work of these organisations in order to inspire others.

We also want SCVO to set an example by being a digital pioneer, testing new technology and providing appropriate infrastructure support for digital innovation to flourish in Scotland’s third sector.

What is SCVO doing?

Good HQ

Good HQ is the new digital platform that provides a place for people to review and share their experiences about the good causes they care about.

Funding Scotland

Funding Scotland lists funders with a track record of supporting projects in Scotland. It includes grants, loans, prizes and other support.


Goodmoves is a recruitment service and careers hub which meets the needs of charities, voluntary organisations and social enterprises.

What about infrastructure support?

As part of the work that SCVO does on behalf of the third sector in Scotland, we provide a data management and reporting platform (known as Milo) that is used by Scotland’s Third Sector Interfaces (TSIs). Milo is funded by Scottish Government, and TSIs have been using the system to manage their interactions with voluntary organisations and volunteers since 2012.

Search Milo data

Visit Get Involved to search for organisations.

View the Milo library

Useful information about Milo, particularly for TSIs.

Milo Training

View the Milo training materials for TSIs

We're also keen to explore how barriers to digital innovation can be removed through collaboration. Thinking about developing a digital service? Get in touch to see how we might be able to help.