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Scotland is already a digital nation. Eight in ten households have an internet connection, and four in ten have a tablet computer. Six in ten people use a smartphone. For those who have the access, motivation and skills to get things done online, life is enhanced.

But still far too many people risk being left behind.

Organisations also need to respond to the changed ways people live, learn and work in a digital world.

SCVO is working hard to help the people and third sector organisations in Scotland to develop their digital potential.

2020 Digital Strategy

Our e:bulletin

Once a fortnight we send out a short email bulletin rounding up the latest news on digital participation, evolution and innovation in Scotland and beyond.

Meet the team

Who's who in the digital participation team at SCVO.

David McNeill
0131 524 7283
Sally Dyson
Head of Digital Participation
0131 474 8006
Haldis Watson
Team Support Officer
0131 474 8028
Beth Murphy (Maternity Leave)
Project Manager, One Digital
Maddie Stark
Development Officer, One Digital
Eilidh Little
Development Officer, One Digital
01463 251735
Jo Malo
Team Support Officer, One Digital
0131 281 0868
Beverley Maclean
European Development Officer
01463 251723
Gavin Bell
Programme Manager, Milo
0141 559 5004
Calum MacÙisdean
Manager, SCVO Web
Matthew Wilkes
Developer, SCVO Web
Lauren Pluss
Good HQ Community Manager
Alex Nuttgens
Developer, SCVO Labs
Rebecca Stafford (Maternity Leave)
Team Support Officer

Team alumni

Past members of the digital participation team at SCVO.

Jenny Bann
Digital Participation Charter Lead
Chris Yiu
Gillian Munro
Digital Participation Development Officer
Alastair Watson
Development Officer, Charter and Projects
Aron Seemel
Mary Sinclair
Lynne Swann
Kevin Bradley
Andrew Watson
Rikki Dobson