Scotland's Digital Participation Charter Fund

Call for Funding - Autumn 2017

We are no longer taking applications for Round 5

FAQ and guidance notes

1. When is the deadline?

We will stop accepting application forms at 5pm on 31st August. We will not be able to accept applications after this deadline - please leave plenty of time to fill in the form and ensure you are signed up to the Digital Participation Charter as we’d hate you to miss out.

2. Digital Participation Charter

We’re inviting organisations across Scotland to join a national movement to promote digital participation and basic digital skills. By undertaking work as part of the Charter Fund you will be expected to sign the Charter before submitting your application. If you have not done this you will be unable to proceed with your application. Read more on the Charter.

3. Can I download a blank application form?

We haven’t provided a blank application form. However, below is a list of all the questions you’ll be asked along with a brief explanatory note.

If you feel supporting information is required to further evidence your project idea this can be emailed separately, with your Organisation and Project Name as the reference, to [email protected] following the submission of your application. However, the application will be assessed primarily on the application form. You should make sure that every piece of information you would like considered as part of your application is within the form.

About Your Organisation

  1. Organisation name - Please enter the name of your organisation as it appears registered with OSCR or your regulatory body.
  2. Organisation overview - Please give us a succinct overview of the work of your organisation.
  3. Client Group - in the context of this application, please tell us more about the people you support and how you support them?
  4. Organisation address - What is the postal address of the organisation?
  5. Local Authority Area/s you operate in? This should be all the areas that your organisation is active in - not just for this project (that comes later)
  6. Organisation website - please provide a link to your website
  7. Type of Organisation - please tell us whether you are a Third, Public or Private sector organisation?
  8. Charity Registration Number (leave blank if you’re not OSCR registered)
  9. Companies House Registration Number (leave blank if you’re not registered with Companies House)

Lead Contact Details

We’d like some information on the lead contact for the purpose of this application? This will be the person that we correspond with throughout the application process.

  1. First Name - This is the preferred name of your lead contact and what we’ll call them if we need to ask for clarification.
  2. Last name - or surname (just in case there is more than one person with the same first name)
  3. Telephone - Please tell us what the best telephone number is to contact you if we need to
  4. Email - Please enter the email address of the lead contact. All project communications will be made with this contact unless otherwise stated.

About your project

In the next set of questions we’d like you to tell us more about your specific project idea. The majority of the questions have a word limit, it might be helpful if you draft text in word (or similar) before pasting your final crafted answer. There is a word count indicator under each question for guidance.

  1. Project Name - A short, positive, snappy title for your project
  2. Start and End Date - The earliest start date your project can start is 16th October 2017. In the past we have had projects ranging from 6 months to 15 months but the average delivery period has been 9/12 months.
  3. Project Detail - We’d like to get a clear understanding of your project. Please explain your proposal and how it will support people who don’t have basic digital skills. Think about things such as (but not limited to); who are you supporting, who will be running the project, what type of activities you will be doing to support people’s learning and what devices will be used (if any) (N.B. There is a 300 word limit for this answer - you might like to refine your answer in word (or similar first)
  4. Project Delivery - Please tell us where this specific project will be delivered in terms of Local Authority area and down to community or neighbourhood. We’d also like to know what spaces/buildings you will use. (N.B. There is a 300 word limit for this answer)
  5. Which key target theme are you addressing? - Please tell us which of the key themes you are addressing - either Reducing Social isolation or Increasing Economic Prospects. You will then be asked to select your target groups within these two options. Please select all that apply.
  6. Project Management - Please explain how the project will be managed within your organisation and who will be responsible for reporting on progress (N.B. There is a 400 word limit for this answer)
  7. Embedding the activity - Our evidence tells us that greater success is achieved if passing on basic digital skills is embedded within a regular activity. Please use this space to tell us how you will embed this digital skills activity in to your work? (N.B. There is a 400 word limit for this answer)
  8. Number of people supported - How many people will be supported to gain basic digital skills?
  9. Measuring progress - Please explain how you will measure the progress and the number of people you are supporting. You will be required to ensure that each learner completed a basic digital skills questionnaire at the beginning and end of their learning (we will make this available to you) (N.B. There is a 300 word limit for this answer)

Funding & Expenditure

In this section we’d like you to tell us about the money. How much your project costs in total and some more detail about the main areas of expenditure.

  1. Total amount of funding you are applying for - please note, the maximum that can be applied for is £10,000. Any projects seeking a larger investment must contact SCVO Digital Team in advance of applying to discuss further.
  2. Main Items of Expenditure: Please list up to six principle items of expenditure (a minimum of one must be given) - we will need to see a description of the item and the budgeted cost. Please check your figures carefully!

Project Milestones

These Milestones should form your project plan

  • Project Plan - we would like you to outline the key milestones of the project. You are allowed to add up to 4 milestones.
  • Milestone - Briefly explain what the key achievement will be
  • Date - When will you aim to achieve this objective by?


This must be completed by someone within your organisation who has the authority to make sure that the project will go ahead if successful.

4. Can I save my application?

No, we have used this facility in the past but have found that it is easier for us and applicants to employ a one take approach. The above list outlined in point 3 will give you the exact ordering of questions and level of detail you need to construct answers in advance and copy & paste in.

5. Can I move backwards and forwards within the application form?

Yes, however, in order to move forwards you do need to add in a small amount of holding text. This text is draft until you press the final submit button and can be edited as often as you like.

6. Who is eligible to apply?

The Charter Fund is open to groups and organisations from all sectors. We are particularly interested in supporting groups that work closely with their local community. Applicants must operate in Scotland, with awarded funds being spent entirely in Scotland.

7. Can I submit an application in partnership with another organisation?

Of course. We love seeing organisations working together so please feel free to submit a partnership application. The only thing we ask is that one of the organisations is specified as the lead for the duration of the project; they will be the contract holder and take responsibility for the award.

8. Can we submit more than one application?

Yes, we will accept more than one application form where several discrete support activities are being proposed and they are not dependent on one another.

9. How much can I apply for through the fund?

The minimum amount of funding is £500 and the maximum is £10,000 per project. If you would like to request amounts outside of these parameters please email [email protected] for a discussion in the first instance.

10. Can we submit an application if we have already had a project funded under the Digital Participation Challenge?

Yes, however, the activity which you are now asking to be funded must not be continuation funding of that previous project.

11. How will my application be assessed?

After the deadline has passed, all applications will be allocated to a member of the assessing group made up of members of the SCVO team; a random group of applications will be selected for peer review. We will then hold a meeting where all of the projects / applications deemed suitable will be discussed and a final set of recommended projects will be agreed upon. The team’s recommendations are then considered by a panel of experts which has the final approval. We aim to announce our final decisions by the end of September 2017.

12. What type of projects are you looking to fund?

Evidence from previous rounds identifies that projects are more successful in supporting people to develop basic digital skills if the activity is embedded in a regular activity. Some examples of this could be linking budgeting activity to an online free app, supporting a job search with the development of a CV or supporting basic cookery classes with an online recipe search. With all projects that are funded we would anticipate that the organisation is taking learning and the changing of their own processes and procedures at the heart of the delivery, and that they will continue to employ this new digital skills development activity in future operations.

13. Can we start our project in 2018?

Unless discussed with and approved by the Digital Team, all projects must commence in 2017. We are unable to award funding retrospectively; projects are required to commence within 8 weeks of the funding award being made. Please refer to the Charter 5 Timescales for further information.